Ipe Decking Co.

The Ipe Decking Company is an international Lumber importer. We provide wholesale imported lumber and wholesale services to lumber yards and large volume contractors. We specialize in the import of exotic hardwoods from Brazil (Ipe, cumaru, Garapa and Tigerwood mostly). Furthermore, we specialize in decking although we can import and manufacture any type of lumber cuts.

We have a strong commitment to the environment and we are a FSC® certified lumber supplier. Even our lumber that doesn't go through the FSC®'s expensive supply chain methods comes from government regulated sustainable forestry plantations in Brazil.

We understand your business cannot grow with out a steady supply of lumber products to sell. This is why we spend so much time and effort on training our representatives and make sure that everything goes smoothly with every order including the shipping.

Speak with our trained wholesale decking specialists today!