Hidden Deck Fasteners

The Ipe Clip® brand of deck fasteners are the best on the market, period. Let's face it, the whole point of using deck fasteners is to make your deck more secure. Sure, homeowners may prefer using deck fasteners because it makes their deck look clean and spotless, but for deck builders, it's all about making a deck that reaches it's maximum life span. This is why wholesalers and authorized distributors choose to sell the Ipe Clip ® brand of deck fasteners because they offer better markup, increased profits, and great customer satisfaction.

The main reason why we decided to sell deck fasteners from the Ipe Clip ® Company is because the other companies that sell hidden deck fasteners have simply fallen short of helping deck builders save time and money. When it comes to saving time, deck builders demand using deck tools that don't require much maneuvering or special tools. After all, if you have to move all around the deck and have to use more than a drill and a screw to install a deck fastener then you're wasting precious energy and time. And as any good business person knows, time IS money. In fact, many of our wholesale partners love to sell them so much that they even decide to become a distributor.

Our deck fasteners make installing a deck simple and easy without compromising on quality. Basically, by installing deck boards with the deck fasteners that we offer, you only need half the fasteners that would normally be needed with more tedious methods. Just ask any deck builder who used to build a deck with face screwing methods, or metal deck fasteners and they will tell you the same thing. Using the hidden deck fasteners from the Ipe Clip Company made for an easier job and satisfied customers both right after the deck was completed and years after because the deck still looked as good as new.

We have a full range of deck fastener systems in stock. The deck fasteners that we sell have been developed for both deck builders and homeowners who want to build a deck in a timely and economical fashion.

Ipe Clip® Deck Fastener Types

We sell the following types of Ipe Clip ® hidden deck fasteners:

ExtremeKD Ipe Clip Ipe Clip Extreme Ipe Clip


Our deck fasteners have the following features:

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Contact an Ipe Decking Company associate today to order Ipe Clip® deck fasteners. Besides our selection of hidden deck fasteners, we also offer deck builders and homeowners across the United States, Canada, and the world, and many other easy to use deck tools!