Hardwood Wrench™

One of the most laborious aspects of building a deck is getting deck boards to remain straight. While there are many different tools and methods that are meant to help make this time consuming and, sometimes, painful task easier...for the most part using cheap deck tools don't do anything to make it any less unbearable.

Enter the Hardwood Wrench™

This deck tool has been specifically designed to easily and, without much effort, straighten deck boards. The best part? All it takes is one person to operate this decking tool because it cam locks into place. If you want to sell a product that will make deck builders and their clients jump for joy, then offering the Hardwood Wrench™ is a no-brainer.

The Hardwood Wrench™ deck tool is better than other deck tools for many reasons which include:

Check out the Hardwood Wrench™ in action:

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At the Ipe Decking Company, we have a full range of high-quality and affordable deck tools that will make any deck building project easier. Using a deck tool like the Hardwood Wrench will make building a deck faster, without sacrificing on quality and efficiency.

To learn more or to order a Hardwood Wrench™ at wholesale prices, contact an expert associate at the Ipe Decking Company today. We have convenient office hours to match our convenient and affordable pricing. We would be honored to have the chance to exceed your expectations.