Post Caps

Post caps are essential decking parts that many deck builders and lumber yards need to have in stock because they add extra elegance and a sophisticated look to any deck. At the Ipe Decking Company, we can custom mill a single deck cap or any number of deck caps. Best of all, all of our post caps are made of 100% premium hardwood that will match whatever decking you are using.

If you need ipe post caps, one garapa rail cap, or post caps from any of the other hardwood decking that we offer, you can count on us. Every day we have post caps at wholesale pricing that can't be matched.

Here's an example of our custom milling options with an ipe post cap:

Post Cap

Buy a Deck Cap

To order a deck post cap, contact Ipe Decking Company today. Regardless of the hardwood, we can effortlessly match any decking with custom milled deck post caps. We offer a number of other essential deck tools at wholesale prices! Call us today.