Torx 8 x 2" Stainless Steel Screws Wholesale

This is a special Wholesale opportunity, while supplies last:

These 8 gauge Torx screws are 2" long. They are forged from 316 Grade stainless Steel - That's marine grade stainless steel folks!. They are Torx screws so they have the famous Torx-Head design which is far more technologically advanced than any other common decking screw in the market place today.

Torx screws have high corrosion resistance, the least cam outs and superior holding power. Unlike a square drive or traditional fastener the Torx-Head design holds the bit to fastener connection far more tightly when applying pressure and spreads this pressure out more evenly, thus making it difficult for a worker to strip the screw head.

Torx is the screw for exotic hardwood decking like Ipe, Cumaru and any hardwood materials. Torx screws also provide superior support for normal woods like: Cedar, Pressure treated Pine and decking, Redwood, and even composite decking and even eliminate pre-drilling with these softer materials.

Torx decking screws feature a self-tapping point (type 17) to help drive it into the very dense hardwoods we sell. This can reduce or eliminate pre-drilling on some hardwood decking. For superior holding power, the Torx screws have threads that are designed to dig into wood for a "locked in place" connection!  

One wholesale Lot: 4500 screws. $585.00 (U.S. Only), plus $34.00 Shipping and Handling

Decking Screws Photo