Wholesale Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is a natural 100% solid hardwood material from the Ipe Tree. The Ipe tree grows in Brazil and thus we get out ipe wood from plantations in Brazil. Ipe is natures densest wood. This gives ipe several features that make it popular as a decking material:

In addition to it's dense nature, ipe wood growth creates natural oils that offer even more features:

Yes, Ipe is beautiful

But don't judge a book by its cover. Ipe wood is always the best choice for a deck. It looks great, is slip resistant, doesn't splinter much, doesn't cup or warp as much as other wood decking material, is stronger than any other wood you can buy and the home owner doesn't have to replace those deck boards for 40 years!

Businesses and governments love to use ipe because of its ultimate defense against lawsuits due to fall through and slip and fall claims. Here's some legendary landmarks that use Ipe wood for their decking material, saving money on board replacement through the years:

The city council loves the Ipe because it's pretty, the city manager likes it because it's economical in the long run and the people like ipe because it's eco-friendly. We even have FSC® certified ipe available.