Cumaru Decking

Cumaru makes beautiful decking material. Get ready for cumaru decking to get real popular in the future. There's lots of good reason too!

Cumaru is a simply beautiful wood. It's also a very hardwood, not as hard as ipe wood, but still very durable stuff. In fact cumaru deck boards score a 3540 on the Janka Hardness Test. Cumaru beats composites on price in the initial investment , and since cumaru deck boards last much longer, it's even easier to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of cumaru decking. It's beauty only takes a few photos to illustrate.

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Full product line of cumaru decking

It's going to be a while before we get a page for every single cumaru decking product up into this space. Rest assured we carry a full line of cumaru decking products. From 1x4" cumaru deck boards to a complete cumaru rail system. Please give us a call or use our Decking Price Quote form to get prices for cumaru decking materials.

Premium Grade Cumaru Decking

Currently we only offer premium grade cumaru decking material. No A or B grade.

Wholesale Cumaru Deck Boards

Here's a partial listing of the many cuts of Tigerwood deck boards we offer. Don't see the decking material size you're looking fo? No Problem. We can custom mill to your exact specifications or to any size common in the industry.