Garapa Decking

Garapa Deck boards are slowly gaining in popularity. For those who want the crisp look of a light colored hardwood deck material and still want the benefits of a natural hardwood, garapa deck boards are the prefect fit. We don't mix B grade lumber with our decking material. All we sell is premium decking. This is especially important with lighter color deck boards. The knots really stand out. Check out the photos of the garapa deck boards, this stuff is beautiful!

It's not just beautiful, it tough and durable:

For your clients that are looking for a hardwood with many of the same properties as ipe, but in a lighter color, Garapa Deck Boards are at the top of the list!

Wholesale Garapa Deck Boards

We sell all te Garapa Decking materials you could possibly need. Below is a list of the more commonly ordered Garapa Deck boards and Garapa posts.