Angelim Vermelho

The appearance of Angelim Vermelho is a beautiful reddish brown. It has a medium course texture. Like a lot of tropical hardwoods, it's very dense and has a blunting effect on tools used to cut/drill the wood. This density is beneficial though. It makes angelim vermelho a strong and long lasting wood with very few defects in the lumber itself. Of course we always sell Premium graded lumber instead of FS grade.

Our Premium Grade angelim Vermelho is resistant to fungus, rot and wood boring insects like most of the tropical hardwood decking materials. Because of it's density and durability angelim vermelho is even suitable for use in marine environments! Please don't confuse angelim vermelho with Angelim pedro. We do sell both, but the vermelho is redder and has different characteristics.

Common Uses of Angelim Vermelho:

Most of the Angelim Vermelho we sell is used as either decking or flooring. however it is commonly used for many other purposes all over the world: