Ipe Decking

Formerly known as Ironwood, sometimes called Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Ipe, or just Ipe as it's commonly called, is Mother Natures finest wood.

Here's a list of all of our ipe deck boards: They are sold exclusively on a wholesale basis, by the truck load or by the shipping container. They are listed below by their finished dimension.

We also have an exclusive deck board that no one else does; the 1x6 Plus ™ deck board. It's thicker to help further prevent cupping and capping. Premium grade decking helps a lot with this too, that why it's all we sell.

Premium grade

All of our Ipe decking materials are premium grade. Currently we do NOT offer A or B Grade ipe lumber.

Kiln Dried or Air Dried Decking

We kiln dry, to moisture levels around 12-14%, all of our outdoor decking except for ipe. Ipe decking is special so we treat it special. Ipe decking is air dried to a moisture content of around 16-18%. The less moisture a deck board looses after it leaves one of our mills, the less likely it is to warp!