2x8 deck boards

1 x 4" ipe deck board

The Ipe 2x8 deck board. Often used as the stair tread on stairs. The 2x8 deck board offers a flat stable and sturdy surface that's wide enough for most stairway applications. Some architects prefer the 2x12 or 2x10 for stair treads though. The 2x8 is often used as a riser on stairs as well. The part you did know: 2x8's are used as the "skirting" or "ribbon" on the the deck. the part you didn't know: Is that Ipe is an excellent choise for the skirting because it looks so great.

Be sure to have plenty of 2x8's, 2x10's and 2x12's in your inventory. Building stairs can sometimes slow down a deck builder. If he screws up his cuts or measuring he's going to need a new board, and he's not going to want to wait for it to be ordered and delivered. He's going to want to put it in his truck and drive back to the job site so he can finish his stairs, and finish his deck. Do you want to give him what he wants?

Tongue and Groove 2x8 Ipe Deck Boards

1x4 tounge and grooveSorry the 2x10 ipe deck board is unavailable in this cut usually. If you need a lot though, just call us. We can custom mill anything that can be custom milled.

Pre Grooved 2x8 Ipe deck boards

pre grooved 1x4"Our ipe 2x10 doesn't usually come with the groves cut in a pre grooved fashion.

2 x 8 Short Deck Boards or 2x8 Shorts

2x10's aren't usually available in short lengths, call us.